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The Oath, Oracle, Mirror, Name and Ankh.
by Father Sebastiaan

Many ask what the Rites of Transformation (ROT) are, yet few can truly understand it until it is experienced. In short, it is the ceremony of getting fangs and becoming a Sabretooth, which are my personal fang clients. Within the Rites of Transformation there are five components - the Oath, Oracle, Mirror, Naming and Ankh.

Before we begin, let’s have a little background on this first Sabretooth Rites of Transformation from mere "mortal" to an individual who experiences the first steps of the Sabretooth's Path. I discovered this rite incidentally during my experiences as a Fangsmith by watching many awakenings (observing my clients' reactions when the looked into the mirror with their new fangs) For many, it is a profound life changing experience.

An Analogy...

When the film The Matrix was released in March 1999, the months leading up to it the advertising campaign stated “What is the Matrix?” Few could understand what the Matrix was until they actually saw the movie and asking a question truly was a great way to make people think about it. This was one of the major shifts in the history of human collective consciousness, for the vast majority of humanity nothing would ever be the same.

After the first Endless Night Vampire Ball in New Orleans in 1998, everything was winding down from the excitement of Halloween. Then in Mid-November I was invited by Tony Timpone, then editor of Fangoria Magazine to go to the Warner Brothers screening room to watch the Matrix, 5 months before it released. From the Endless Night Emporium I piled my staff into the car and we drove up to 1325 Avenue of the Americas in New York and got to witness history. The film it was not fully completed with computer graphics and it had a different erie soundtrack. As we watched the film I saw the resistant faces of my exhausted staff shift to excitement and wonder. Their Vampyre Eyes began to open wider, as we were standing in the lobby they were in a trance like state and so was another person, Laurence Fishborne. His giant afro and beard during the movie disguised him until I could see him in the bright lights of the lobby, we had seen the Matrix together, both for the first time.

What is the significance of this and its relation to getting a pair of fangs? Well tremendous. For what happened to the five of us for the next few months until the end of March in 1999 when the Matrix was released was truly a change of consciousness. Only a few who were fans of the Cyberpunk genre truly understood what a Matrix was, but not in the fullness of a feature film. For that time, those few months we saw reality in a different perspective, a change of consciousness, like Louis in Interview with the Vampire experiencing his first night as a vampire. The wonders by just looking at reality in a different way, it reminded us when we first got our fangs and how we felt the first few weeks. While the rest of the world was still seeing things in a traditional way we say things differently. Then Matrix mania came afterwards and that answer to the question “What Was the Matrix” was finally answered to the masses and one more step towards the Singularity came to pass.

Another film in 1999 would shape the Sanguinarium even further and what it is like to see the world amongst other Sabretooth Vampyres, which means a shift in perception and that all changed again when Fight Club was released on October 15th 1999.

This is how I truly discovered the shift in consciousness which making fangs creates, using film relations to help understand.

The Oath

Laughter is the most difficult emotion to fake and the Sabretooth Oath is a core element of this experience. For years I tried to figure out how to get people in the spirit of getting their fangs, hyped up and at the same time explain how to take care of their fangs and never forget it. Then at New York ComicCon 2013 I began the Oath spontaneously, with the inspiration of a Whisperer. Before I would have people just raise their hands in a horn stance and just say “rock and roll.” This let me show them how to hold their pinky fingers so they would hold their lips up. Such an act was fun for a while then it dawned upon me.

BY THE POWER OF SEBASTIAAN! (in a ridiculous southern accent).
BY THE POWER OF SEBASTIAAN! (in a ridiculous southern accent).
BY THE POWER OF SEBASTIAAN! (in a ridiculous southern accent).
BY THE POWER OF SEBASTIAAN! (in a ridiculous southern accent).
I WILL SMOKE WITH MY FANGS ON! (if they smoke)
BY THE POWER OF SEBASTIAAN! (in a ridiculous southern accent).
BY THE POWER OF SEBASTIAAN! (in a ridiculous southern accent).

Thus the Sabretooth Oath was born, it would teach people how to take care of their fangs, get them into the spirit and put their hands into a position to hold their fingers. You should see the reactions of people around.

The Oracle

With the very first pair of fangs I made and so on I witnessed thousands of awakenings, people shifting perceptions and opening their Vampyre Eyes. From this experience I took testimonials from the Rite of the Mirror and their experiences afterwards. I asked questions, observed, and compiled a collection of their ideas, desires, interests, responses and perspectives into a journal, where Sanguinomicon and all my other books came from. A few years ago I took 100 words from vampire mythology and wrote down into one page descriptions based on these testimonials. Combined with notes from Sanguinomicon a manifesto of sorts was describing in a new way a philosophy which I call Vampyrism. Spelling it with a Y instead of an I to differentiate between the mythological vampire and the philosophy. This is how the Red Veils were born.

My other book Sanguinomicon is a long, deep, esoteric manuscript which is not suitable for the mainstream world. So I thought Red Veils would be a much more suitable experience for my fang clients to introduce them to the experience of wearing fangs, especially since it came from a collective agreement of people just like them. So before the Rite of the Mirror I usually (if they ask or they seem to have Vampyric potential) do the “Oracle Rite” with them. Often other fang clients who have been through it aid me or show the fledgling through the experience.

The secret to the Oracle and reading Red Veils is, before looking at any part of the book look through the Table of Contents. All the Red Veils are listed there, then read the entire list. Once this is done, the fledgling goes through and choose one Veil which appeals to that individual’s interest and read it first, before any other part of the book. This is like a self done tarot card reading and most often this will be an amazing experience to add another dimension to the Rite of Transformation and aid in Vampyric Awakening.

The Mirror

Since that fateful day in November 1993 when I got my first pair of fangs I have seen the world differently. The most memorable part of my first Rite of Transformation was not having my fangs made, not holding my lips up, but looking into the Mirror for the first time and seeing myself in a completely different way. Over 14 months later I would sit my mother down on Christmas Day 1994 and put her through the same experience but I got to see it from the Fangsmith’s perspective. After this for almost two decades I have witnessed thousands of people look into the mirror for the first time and their lives changed, a small shift of perception occurs.

This is the first element of the White Rite, the Rite of the Mirror. You can see this ceremony done a hundred times on my Youtube Channel, everyone has a different reaction. Some cry, some laugh, some stare for hours, it is a moment like getting your first tattoo but still very different.

Out of practicality I had to keep people the curiosity from inspecting their fangs and critiquing them before they were finished, this also ruined the mystery and slowed down my fangmaking process. With these observations the Rite of the Mirror was born and I began stopping my clients from looking at their fangs until I am satisfied with them and can show them.

The Naming

Coming soon.

The Ankh

Coming soon...

Are you Real Vampires?

Vampirism as a philosophy? What? Aren’t vampires evil blood drinking, satanic, bunny sacrificing demons? Not by a long shot. What I discovered is a collective agreement on life between an extremely diverse client base of individualists from around the world. Vampires (those who naturally and or by choice embrace the Vampyrism) are like cats, you cannot herd them or group them like mundanes, they are uniquely one tribe which each individual goes by the beat of their own drum and then form a collective chorus when they come into agreement.

No, I don’t say that Sabretooth Vampires automatically will live forever, fly, generate a thirst for human blood or transform into a bat. Those are obviously misconceptions and metaphors. Sabretooth Vampirism is a way of life, a perspective and a lifestyle which is as deep and far as the person chooses to take it. However one must have caution, those who define themselves exclusively by Vampirism miss the point. Vampyrism should compliment the individual not wholly define them.

The point of Sabretooth Vampirism is to LIVE (which is evil spelled backwards), live forever, have a hunger for life. This means engaging in life and enjoying all of the wonders which this world has to offer from a beautiful walk in a park in Paris, the satisfaction of learning a new skill, to climbing mountains to the pleasure of finding love or seeing a child be born. This is the true life of a Sabretooth, is not the depressed, energy diffident, cursed, miserable life which media makes it out to be.

An Awakening?

Often I hear “getting fangs does not make you a Vampire” and this is true. However the ceremony of Rites of Transformation and its components are a powerful trigger to make an awakening occur. I have witnessed this many times and many will testify to agreement, that these Rites of Passage has changed their life. The Awakening is the opening of the “Vampire Eyes” a shift in perception into a new way at looking at the world, from a Vampire’s perspective.

Our Story

Why do I think this is important? Why is the Rites of Transformation so sacred for so many? Because for people like you knowing the story behind it makes it more than getting a set of plastic fangs. It imbues the experience with unique power, you get an experience few others in this world get to experience, simply because there is only one Father Sebastiaan and fewer fangsmiths. I defined, honed and perfected this Rite with my clients over years and this is a story you get to participate in...

Remember it is not what you do but how you make people feel! We feel GREAT.... grrrr

Welcome to the Family...
Father Sebastiaan
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